The term “germ” is not very useful because it means different things to different people. Bacteria and viruses that cause disease may be called germs. However, when the advertisers say that their cleaning liquid kills 99% of all known germs they are misleading you. in this context, the term “germ” means bacteria in general, including the saprophytic ones.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Cleaning the lavatory bowl:
    so what if there are germs in the lavatory bowl, do you drink water from the loo?
  2. Cleaning the floor:
    you might want to kill all the “germs” on the floor if you have a small baby crawling about on the floor, but we don’t generally eat food off the floor so why get it so clean?
  3. Why kill 99% of the germs on you kitchen work surfaces:
    if the 1% left are the dangerous ones?