Bike Shed?

Every UK secondary school probably has its own “secret place” where pupils can smoke a cigarette during break or lunchtime. Actually it is not that secret. Most of the teachers probably know where it is. They could “close it down” but a new one will start up somewhere else. It has to be somewhere near enough to the classrooms that pupils can get there during breaks, but it must be a place where teachers don’t normally go. It is usually “behind the bikesheds”. It is probably a bit squeezed and uncomfortable.

New individuals find the smokers group because they are inquisitive. They see other pupils going there and wonder what is going on. Some get rejected by the nicotinies, but others are allowed to join in; they are even offered free fags. This is “peer group pressure”. Perhaps one of your friends keeps going on at you to try it, saying “Its cool”, or “Be a man”, or “Its grown-up”. Perhaps you should try it, but will you get hooked? Is it addictive? Will you get caught? What will your parents say when they find out? But they won’t find out, will they?

OK, so its fun, but what are the dangers?

Why not take snuff instead of smoking?