Snuff is made from tobacco. You stuff it up your nose instead of smoking it. So its safe, isn’t it? Well, it has its own dangers. Snuff is powdered tobacco. It will probably make you sneeze when you take it for the first time. In your nose, nicotine can diffuse out of the snuff and through the mucous membrane of your nose into your blood. Taken in this way, nicotine will have exactly the same effect as taking nicotine by smoking. It will speed-up your heart: it can also cause heart disease. Because you are not smoking it, you will not be inhaling anything into your lungs: there is no tar.

Yes, you will be safe from bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer, but it might cause cancer in your nose: it will certyainly make you sneeze.

What are the dangers of taking snuff?

Few if any schools have rules about taking snuff. This is probably because it is not a very common habit. So you would probably get away with taking snuff in lessons! Most tobacconists sell snuff,  so snuff is not difficult to obtain.

What is the law about snuff?

Although snuff is powdered tobacco, it is not taxed like cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco!You can read more about snuff including the laws on Wikipedia.