Teenage Pregnancy

Well I am not going to say “yes”, nor am I going to say “no”; it is your body. If you have not got the apparatus to get pregnant, you might have the things needed to get some one else pregnant and the issues are more or less the same.

Obviously there is some difference depending upon your age. Most of the visitors to this site will be doing their GCSEs which means they are between 14 and 16, though anyone is entitled to visit these pages and record their views.

You have rights, but when you become a parent you will realize that your children have rights too.

Can you balance your rights with those of your children?

When does an individual acquire rights?

  1. At conception?
  2. At 24 weeks?
  3. At birth?
  4. On developing language?
  5. At 14?
  6. At 18?
  7. At 21?

Perhaps there is more than one answer. It is very difficult for you to assert your rights before you learn to speak. You have a right to be fed, so when you are hungry, you cry or scream and hope that a suitable response will satisfy your needs. When you can speak, you may not know what your rights are, or may be unable to assert your rights.

Perhaps you acquire more rights as you get older. You may be biologically able to become a parent, but are legally prevented from sexual intercourse. Do you have the right to become a parent as soon as you are legally of age?

Are there duties corresponding to your rights?

Perhaps your rights to become a parent are combined with duties toward your children. So are you able to fulfill those duties?