What you Eat

Who cares about whether we eat healthy diets?

When you are young, your parents and teachers might worry about this. They think they have good reasons, but you might think that they are a bit boring when they keep going on about healthy eating. Perhaps you will change your mind when you grow up.

It might be that your parents are really keen that you should be healthy because they love you and want to see you grow up into a healthy person. Alternatively, it might just be that they want a peaceful time and can’t be bothered with having to look after you when you are ill. You probably think you know the answer, but you might be wrong. Anyway, it is your body so you can do what you like, or can you.

Older people might worry about your diet. One day you will be grown-up and at work. The taxes which you will be paying might help pay my pension! If you are very unhealthy you might need lots of hospital treatment, so everyone else will have to pay more taxes to keep the National Health Service going.

Even you employer is keen to see you fit, healthy and ready for work.