Should we be allowed to smoke in school? The form will not accept simple answers like “Yes” or “No”. You have to put your reasons in. If you think that smoking is “cool” and should be allowed you must explain why you think this. If you think it is a bad thing and should be stopped, you must also give your reasons and I hope say something about how it could be achieved.

I hope that you have at least skimmed through the other pages on tobacco before you decide. Here are some very old comments from my previous site:


i h8 smokin! who wud want to inhale that rubbish neway! they must be nuts! well thats my opinion!
& it definately aint cool!


I reckon smoking is cool and all just cause it is and i like it so you should tell
us about the good stuf about smoking and all cause my frends and me like to smoke
and we think anyone who dosent is like a loser and all so its cool bye


Smoking bad for good health. I learn English and I report on smoking. Need pictures. Smoking make you cough.
Cough bad. Cough hurt. Oww. Hi is name that? I good english speaker in class.
Smoking Bad bad bad bad bad! Love from Ruichi.

Bo nelly

smoking is cool. I like to smoke cause it does set you apart from other people, but it’s
also a social thing to smoke with your friends. Smoking and drinking go together too. I
like marlboro (reds), their so strong they took my head off the first time, and i think
if you want to smoke at school, like in the recess, then you should be allowed to!


WELL, where should i start? I once had a faggerete And for days afterwards i felt really hard. The first drag made me sick

Paul Gallaher

I smoke Regal King Size – i started when I was 14 (now 17). I love being
a smoker coz I’ve made loads of friends through smoking at school and its
kind of rebellious to light up in public. I know its bad for me – but its
not addictive – I mean, i have to stop when i go away with my parents –
sometimes thats for a month in the summer. I smoke when i see my mates –
otherwise i don’t.