There are many issues to consider, but I have chosen two. You can write about other issues if you prefer, this is an open forum.

  1. Should we change the law?
  2. Should cannabis be legalized?
  3. Should alcohol be prohibited?
  4. How can we protect our young people against the dangers of taking drugs?

Some people think that cannabis is safe. Others think that it has useful medical effects and that it is not as harmful as tobacco or alcohol. However it is illegal in this country. What do you think about cannabis? Do television adverts help you and your friends to make sensible choices or is the Government wasting tax payers’ money? Perhaps you think that some dangers should be advertised and others should not. Use the form to express your opinion.

(You don’t need to read all the following entries but it is an opportunity to see what some pupils think. You will probably think the spelling, punctuation and grammar is appalling.)

Here are some very old responses to my old HTML page on drugs:

I think that it should not be legalised i think that if it is then everyone will be smoking it which I feel is wrong kiff

Hello there my comment on narbis is a positive one, last year I had a bike crash and seriously crushed my leg, in the winter the arthritis realy kills me man, I found the only thing to make a real difference is smoking a joint or two. I dont think that canabis its self if a great problem, they say that is not addictive. I have been smoking since my teens and I have no problems except maybe my short term memory has suffered a bit, but I hold down a stable job and I don’t go out mugging old ladies to get my next fix. I feel if the government concentrated on trying to reduce smoking of ciggarettes that would in turn reduce the canabis problem.

i think the canabis shoud be legalise a lot of people are smoking it .its just a plant .i agree with you rhian it’s stupid to sell drugs specially hard drugs,that  can kill young people who want to try it

i belive canabis is completely safe. It has a lot of advantages to those who use it. although
for those who are in a depressed state it could leed to harder un safe drugs. canabis is far
more safe then cigerettes or alchohal. all though smoke pot every day could leed to short
term memory loss. use canabis with saftey never go over board and think harder drugs are
safe too.

well children drugs are bad & if u dont believe me ask your dad & if u dont believe him ask your mom she’l tell u how she does em all the time nah on a more serious note, drugs are too readily available, i mean u go out and in a particular place i know, they only sell beer there coz nearly everyone is on drugs(something 2 do wiv spirits reactin wiv the drugs) i think our government should seriosly do something about it, coz i dont want my kids growin up in thiis sort of environment. thankyou

i think taking drgs is completely stupid as all they do is riun ur life. I also think that if u sell drugs u must not give a care in the world 2 let people just buy them and then let them basically suffer and then die

I dont think tht canabis would be so popular wiv teenagers if it wasnt so easy 2 get hold of. I mean I know where 2 get it from. loads a my mates do it all the time and they dont pressurize any else to do it. songs about it dont pressurize ppl either……..teenagers are strong minded and they have there own views on things…….if they didnt want to do it they shud get new freinds or just say no. canabis I dont think is a big deal really……teenagers know the side effects and they know if they want to take it or not.if canabis was legallized then not as many teenagers wud do it. It givs us teenagers a bigga thril knowing that we aint supposed to do sumthing and still doin it than if we’re allowed to do mthing…….think about it!

canabis isn’t that bad when weighed out against other problems people have. you do what you need to. i am a regular user of canabis and my depression increases when i stop the drug, although i’m not addicted as under the circumstances of studying for my a-levels i am forced to stop at times. obviously it wouldn’t be advisable to take it but if you look at the effects of alcohol a lot more damage to ones health and safety takes place. the only warning i would give to poeple is that it DOES lead on to other drugs, as i know. it’s unlikely you will try something else if you won’t smoke draw as it is now so common.