Eat your Greens

Why should you eat fruit and vegetables?

If you are not sure about this you should read about “A Balanced Diet” in my biology section. It is something to do with vitamins and fibre. Why do we need vitamins and which ones are found in fruit and vegetables? Why do we need fibre?

Who cares about your diet?

Perhaps we all do even if we don’t know you. If you are unhealthy, you will take time of work for illness more frequently than the rest of us. You will cost the taxpayer for you extra medical treatment.

What do you think? Here are two very old entries from the old HTML site:

1. sarah 06 November 2001

i h8 greens! who likes them? no1!! but i smother them in tomato ketchup cos i wanna eat them cos they r healthy 4 me & i need to b healthy cos i need energy cos i dance! I do know how important they r, but y r they so disgusting?

2. nicipuss 24 May 2001

Being a vegetarian, i personally think that it is very important that we eat our
greens. i eat at least 10 portions of fruit & veg a day & ive got gorgeous skin
and a perfect figure to show for it. the only disadvantage is that i suffer from
TERRIBLE wind & i have to poo at least twice a day, which can b embarrasing
especially if im at school coz it really does smell.