Here is a list of all the Macromedia Flash 5 animations used on the chemistry pages. You should be able to open and run them independently from the pages which use them. You should also be able to save them to your hard disc for use at a later date. Then use your backbutton to return.

  1. beryllium.swf
  2. boron.swf
  3. carbon.swf
  4. chromatography.swf
  5. cycle.swf
  6. deuterium.swf
  7. diffusion.swf
  8. fluorine.swf
  9. helium.swf
  10. hydrogen.swf
  11. lithium.swf
  12. methane.swf
  13. nitrogen.swf
  14. oxygen.swf
  15. particles.swf
  16. ph.swf
  17. proton.swf
  18. table.swf
  19. tritium.swf

Some of these animations are duplicated in the biology, ecology or physics sections of the site. Please use your backbutton to return here.