Plant Tissues

Xylem and phloem are tissues found in vascular bundles. The photomicrograph below was taken from a section through the mid-rib of a privet leaf.

The xylem vessels shown in this slide have thick walls and large lumens (central spaces) for carrying water and salts into the leaf. You will have to move the slide around and look quite carefully to see the phloem sieve tubes. Phloem carries organic nutrients eg sucrose and amino acids around the plant.

This is a Virtual Microscope. Click the “m” on your keyboard to move the slide around the microscope stage and then click the “s” on your keyboard to stop moving it. You will need to reset the magnification to bring the slide back into view. You can select the magnification by clicking on one of the radio buttons on the right of the eyepiece.

This is a version 2 Virtual Microscope. Version 3 will allow you to alter the focus. Version 1 did not offer the option of moving the slide around the stage.