This is Key Stage 4 Physics ~ GCSE.

Welcome to my new look Gondar Design Physics website. This is just one of five sections at Gondar Design Science. All my old HTML pages have been copied to this WordPress content managed system: the originals have been reduced to automated transfers to the appropriate page on this site now. Here you can post comments or ask questions on almost every page. Please register first.

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The photograph at the top of each physics page was taken in an old Somerset quarry. 

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  1. Hebert Toney says:

    My English Composition students could learn a lot from your article. This is an excellent example of how to format and write informational content. I think you’re a talented writer.

  2. Zhi Wen NEOH says:

    I previewed the content and found it useful for revision. But why start at stage 4 and not 3? Anyway, thank you n I will surely visit this blog for more.

  3. Mercy says:

    Thank u, i done my homework

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