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24 May 2001

Being a vegetarian, i personally think that it is very important that we eat our greens. i eat at least 10 portions of fruit & veg a day & ive got gorgeous skin and a perfect figure to show for it. the only disadvantage is that i suffer from TERRIBLE wind & i have to poo at least twice a day, which can b embarrasing especially if im at school coz it really does smell.

24 May 2001

well children drugs are bad
& if u dont believe me ask your dad
& if u dont believe him ask your mom
she’l tell u how she does em all the time
nah on a more serious note, drugs are too readily available, i mean u go out and in a particular place i know, they only sell beer there coz nearly everyone is on drugs(something 2 do wiv spirits reactin wiv the drugs) i think our government should seriosly do something about it, coz i dont want my kids growin up in thiis sort of environment. thankyou

Date: 23 May 2001

i think taking drgs is completely stupid as all they do is riun ur life. I also think that if u sell drugs
u must not give a care in the world 2 let people just buy them and then let them basically suffer and then die

Date: 24 May 2001

People make such a big deal out of teenage pregnancy, i mean if a person gets pregnant they r automatically looked down on. I think that kids have kids underage, coz they feel that is the only way they can feel independant, and they want a bit of attention. something like 40% of teenage pregnacy were planned, thats quite alot-considering! i think there should b more support 4 expectant mothers. thanx

hannah burgess
22 May 2001

i think teenage pregnancy is a very serious matter that is not treated seriously enough. Contraception is not as available as it should be, as many people feel too embarrassed to go into a chemists and buy condoms etc. ideally, contraceptoin and all aspects of sex should be taught from the age of 10. I was not taught at school until i was about 12.

22 May 2001

WELL, where should i start? I once had a faggerete And for days afterwards i felt really hard. The first drag made me sick

07 May 2001

I dont think tht canabis would be so popular wiv teenagers if it wasnt so easy 2 get hold of. I mean I know where 2 get it from. loads a my mates do it all the time and they dont pressurize any else to do it. songs about it dont pressurize ppl either……..teenagers are strong minded and they have there own views on things…….if they didnt want to do it they shud get new freinds or just say no. canabis I dont think is a big deal really……teenagers know the side effects and they know if they want to take it or not.if canabis was legallized then not as many teenagers wud do it. It givs us teenagers a bigga thril knowing that we aint supposed to do sumthing and still doin it than if we’re allowed to do sumthing…….think about it!

Matthew Ward
05 April 2001

I believe that teenagers are much too young to parent children. I think that in today’s world we are bombarded with sex until our natural moral instincts are numbed or destroyed, and the pressure to yield to our passions is very great. To parent children is a great privilege- a gift of God, not a ‘side-effect’ of sex, but its very purpose and fulfilment. I also believe that any sexual relations should be within the bond of marriage, and that this is the best ‘framework’ for the raising of children. Besides, with all the pressure on us teenagers regarding exams and careers, I cannot see how it is possible for anyone to give a child the attention it needs and deserves.
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28 February 2001

I think that people should have more respect for their kids. If they are the ones that had kids they have to understand now that they have to do the dishes and take their kids wherever they want because it was their choice not ours therefor they should have the responsability for us!!!!!!! Chow!

12 February 2001

i dont think u should get pregnant as soon as you are legally of age, unless you are prepared to give EVERYTHING up and can give the baby EVERYTHING it needs

28 January 2001

It’s up to a person .If they think they’re stupid, go on. I mean is in becoming a parent, it’s a very big responsibility. Don’t just think about sex.

02 November 2000

canabis isn’t that bad when weighed out against other problems people have. you do what you need to. i am a regular user of canabis and my depression increases when i stop the drug, although i’m not addicted as under the circumstances of studying for my a-levels i am forced to
stop at times. obviously it wouldn’t be advisable to take it but if you look at the effects of alcohol a lot more damage to ones health and safety takes place. the only warning i would give to poeple is that it DOES lead on to other drugs, as i know. it’s unlikely you will try something else if you won’t smoke draw as it is now so common.

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